Thursday, May 3, 2012

Loving the Old, and Embracing the New

   It haas been about 10 months since the Lord called our precious Pastor Tommy home while on a trip in the Holy Land. The journey has been rough, but God has been there with our church every step of the way. His hand has been so evidently on our church that we have even had new people join our church without there being a pastor. God is so good! As I have been away at college and watching the journey from afar this year, I can not wait to get home next week and meet and embrace the new pastor. I am so thankful for technology that allowed me to listen in on Dr. Bob Records sermon this past Sunday. "Love the old, and embrace the new" was the phrase that was the undertone for his sermon. Pastor Tommy is not ever going to be replaced in our hearts, God is just bringing someone new now to lead our church. Not wear PT's shoes, but bring in his own new shoes that will continue to lead us in the way of the Lord.

   Just like our new pastor, a lot of my sweet senior girls in high school are about to embark on a new journey in life. Y'all are going to college and leaving high school behind. Sometimes I think that our world does us an injustice by telling us to "start over" in college and forget about "where you came from." As a Christian, I believe that God leads us specifically through each chapter of our lives for a specific reason and purpose. He knows exactly what He is doing and always has our best interests in hand. He sees the big picture. So, instead of forgetting about the past and starting over, I believe we should love the past (as Dr. Record said) and embrace the future. Let the lessons that the Lord taught you in high school lead you down this new road. Take your mistakes and let them make you a more Christ like person.

   This new chapter of college is going to bring its ups and its downs. It is going to be difficult being away from your BFF's from high school. I know I miss mine every day as one is in Oklahoma and one is in Dallas and I am in Abilene! But you will never forget those special friends. You are not replacing them when you go to college, you are simply making more friends! God has already planned out the special new friends you all are going to make in this new chapter. "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (Deuteronomy 31:8) He has made the path,and now it is your time to walk down that path and meet the new people God has set out for you.

   Personally, my journey from high school to college has truly had its moments of difficultness. Shortly after arriving at Texas A&M, I realized that God was calling me to go home. As much as I wanted A&M to be the place for me, it simply was not. Through that difficult time of life, God prepared me for what was about to be one of the BEST journey's of my life! Coming to HSU has been a dream come true! I love the small Christian environment my school has to offer me and the wonderful nursing program here. The path that I had planned for myself after high school was definetly not the one that God had planned for me. But because I have completly given Him my life and I desire more than anything to follow His path, I have so much peace about my 2 years thus far in college and wait in excited anticipation for my last 2 years!

   My sweet senior girls, I pray that the Lord gives each and everyone of you a peace about this next chapter in life. I also pray that you let your heart be opened to WHATEVER God has in store for you. Take peace in the fact that He is LORD over all the earth and He loves each and everyone of you more than we can possibly fathom! He sees the big picture! So, embrace this new adventure that is approaching you, but always remember to love the past and let it continue to shape you into the wonderful Godly women that I know you all are!