Thursday, July 12, 2012

Awwww Sweet Summertime!

This summer has been a summer to remember! It has been different than anyone before it. This summer I have had the amazing blessing of working in an OBGYN offic in downtown. Man, God is so good! He has taught me so many things through this experience. Leaving my house at 7 every morning and returning home at 6 every night has been exhausting! Definitely not the "typical" summer sleeping until 10, swimming all day, shopping ;) But honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Through the long hours I have worked it has made me appreciate the long hard hours my sweet parents have worked over the years to always provide for me and bless me with much more than I need! When I first began my job I quickly realized how crazy it is to juggle 4 doctors schedules and 100's of pregnant women's phone calls on a daily basis! I remember one of my first days sitting back and my chair and saying "Ok God, you brought me here for a reason and I know you are going to get me through this! Please give me the wisdom and patience I need!" And boy did my God deliver! I have been so blessed with two of the sweetest women who have been so patient with me and taught me so much over the past two months. I love that my Lord had these two special women already picked out to help me long before I ever knew them. The experience that I am getting from this job is truly a dream come true! As I prepare to take my nursing school entrance exam test this semester and hopefully enter nursing school in the spring, the knowledge I am gaining is priceless. But the most precious knowledge is the knowledge I gain at the wee hour of 6 am as I sit down and have my sweet sweet quiet time with the Lord. He has led me to study the book of Joshua the past couple of weeks. Wow! Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that this stuff really happened an it isn't just some movie script that Holleywood came up with! Joshua was a kicky booty guy who obeyed God with such Amazing leadership. Joshua's hard work and complete obedience to the Lord is such a refreshing story to my heart. If he can stand up to these nations who are 5 times his size, then I can stand up for my faith in a group of people who think its "uncool." Why do we stand up for our faith? It's quiet simple; because we are called by the Lord of Lords to do so! It's such a simple lesson, but I am so thankful for the Lords strong voice that reminds whose I am. That reminds me of how precious the lost souls are to Him. That reminds me that I can stand up to the world for Him just like Joshua stood up to the massive nations.